My interior design services

  • Optimization and layout of spaces according to their respective function
  • Creation of mood board *
  • Choice of style, colour scheme and materials
  • Selection of floor and wall coverings
  • Design of interior woodwork
  • Enhancement of existing furniture and selection of additional furniture
  • Lighting optimization and selection of lighting equipment
  • Choice of draperies and accessories
  • Design of bathrooms, selection of materials and sanitaryware

We will work in close collaboration to set up a unique and tailor-made decoration.

*Mood boards  are visual tools that describe a decorative spirit much more effectively than a drawing or a perspective. The content of these boards and their composition vary depending on the stage of the project.

Phases of the project, from an advisory visit to a turnkey project

As a first, step an on-site visit allows me to make an inventory, to understand your objectives in terms of decoration and the style you would like to adopt for your interior. It is a phase of listening, of discussion, in which the objective is to discover your tastes and to identify your priorities.
It is also an opportunity to assess the site in terms of volumes, use of spaces and to identify opportunities to optimize and enhance it (lighting, choice of colors and furniture) taking into account limitations inherent in any project of this type.
The project can be limited to this first step (consultancy visit) and end with a series of recommendations or it can continue with step two.

As part of a more ambitious project, following this first visit, tailor-made solutions to enhance your living space are identified.
It is above all about optimizing the space concerned to make your environment more pleasant and ergonomic by working on the furnishings, lighting, colours of walls and floors and various decorative accessories.
A complete quote, respectful of your expectations and your budget and including all planned interventions will be offered to you.
Once the quote is accepted, your project will begin.
This step starts with the creation of the plans of the space as it exists(before project begins), the identification of the networks (electricity in particular) and the taking of photos.
The general concept of the various layout possibilities and color palettes that can be considered for your project will be presented to you, notably with the help of mood boards, showing the proposed general atmosphere.
Once your choice is established, a project file, more or less detailed according to the desired services, will be presented to you.
This file includes plans and models relating to the various stages of the project. It reveals different layout possibilities and color palettes in the form of 3D visuals and floor plans. To support this file, color charts and material samples are also presented.
At this stage, a brief description of the work is produced, as well as an estimate of the costs of the project.

If you wish, you will also be accompanied in the search for furniture, decorative accessories, and surface coverings (parquet, tiles, paint, wallpaper).
At this stage, it is possible to bring together all the technical aspects of the project, as well as the plans with a precise description of the work to be done. This could be shared with the companies responsible for the work.
Atelier M & Deco can also assist you in the administrative management of the project (oversee the completion of the design work and compliance with deadlines) and once the work is completed and the furniture received, assist you in setting up the final layout.

You have a project or would like some decoration advice?